Making sense of our world by connecting space technologies with AI

A Founding Vision

Queb Technologies was formed in 2013 to create retail management solutions using advanced customer recognition software and to create a seamless retail experience. In 2015 Queb won the MIT entrepreneurship award for best startup solution and went on to work with the computer science artificial intelligence labs (CSAIL) researchers at MIT to develop skills in computer vision and image recognition.


In 2018 we partnered with Planet Labs to bring advanced satellite imagery to the Pakistani market and create bespoke solutions around it. We are also working with other partners in the space industry like Capella space to bring SAR solutions to Pakistan in the field of defense and infrastructure development.

Our Achievement

We were awarded with the Sindh forest department contract for Basemapping, monitoring and digitizing of 2.8 million acres of forest lands by deploying our forest management system along with daily satellite imagery from planet labs. Queb is also developing solutions for agriculture, irrigation and carbon credit monitoring that will be rolled out within the coming years.