Planet Basemaps: Current, Complete, Analysis-Ready Mosaics

Planet Basemaps leverage cutting-edge software together with daily global satellite imagery to create visually consistent and scientifically accurate mosaics.

Select Basemaps

Visual Basemaps

Spatially accurate, color-corrected, high-resolution basemaps that minimize the effects of cloud, haze, and other image variables

Surface Reflectance Basemaps

With minimized atmospheric effects and enhanced pixel accuracy, this basemap provides consistent data for deeper analysis with four or eight spectral bands

Global Basemaps

1.5+ million Scenes incorporated daily to create a smooth contextual layer, updated annually, and ready for your workflow

Planet Select Basemaps are customizable with options for visual or multispectral content and frequency of delivery. Planet’s Global Basemap spans the Earth’s entire landmass and is generated once each year from data collected daily.

Planet Basemaps and GIS:
Flexible Delivery, Efficient Integration

Use Planet Basemaps within your preferred GIS environment. Access Basemaps efficiently online in a variety of formats.

  • Ready to use with popular GIS applications, including ArcGIS and QGIS
  • Web streaming via XYZ and WMTS services.
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