With Planet Scope Monitoring we provide a high-resolution, continuous, and complete view of the world from above, every day by using roughly 200 Dove satellites in orbit.

In collaboration with Planet labs QUEB TECH is providing Global Perspective, Daily Insight, and Instantaneous Analysis with Satellite Monitoring

With Planet Monitoring, WE are observing areas of geographic interest, discovering patterns, tracking infrastructure, and identifying changes as they happen. From space, Satellite Monitoring equips you with real data you need to make immediate and informed decisions.

“WHAT” We Are Bringing Forth


3.7 meter resolution images in four multispectral bands: RGB and Near Infrared.

High resolute Image Library

Extensive archive of high-resolution images dating from 2009.

Globally Intensive Coverage

Over 300 million square kilometers of imagery collected each day.

Timely Access and Simple Integration

Ready-to-use images and data, integrated simply into your existing workflow.

How it can be Used

From The Space, Satellite Monitoring provides Crucial and Real-Time Information

With the help of Planet Monitoring we are providing a preserved and continuous view of land, assets, and operations, from the space to anywhere on earth.

Why we are better than anyone else?

Because we are Providing You

Greater Visibility With High Resolution

Obtain ground-truth data from opaque, dispersed, or remote geographies

More Timely

Roughly 200 Doves orbit the planet every 90 minutes, providing near real-time images for time-sensitive monitoring

Internationally Extensive Coverage

The PlanetScope Constellation is always on, ensuring constant coverage

Continuous Evolution in Design

Improved on-orbit capacity with multiple launches of updated Dove satellites each year

Easy Access and Integration

Ready-to-use images and data, integrated simply into your existing workflow